AI vs. Human Interaction

AI vs. Human Interaction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now. As a defense contractor, there were all sorts of applications, trying to make sense of uncertainty, automation of unmanned systems to go into hostile places, and even just processing data that would take people much time and effort to process, were all applications.

With the constant evolution of technology, and with the increase of growth in the meta-universe, Artificial Intelligence is growing dramatically. But is it more beneficial than the proven method of human interaction when conducting business? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Workplace

As I have established TackShip over the past couple of years, the number of people willing to help me get qualified leads has grown exponentially. Recently, people are now applying technology, specifically AI, to this process to automate messaging, scan profiles, and identify key markers for different people who may require your services.

I struggle with this because as a trained oceanography and meteorologist, I personally love data. I love models that can predict the future. I love the whole idea of trying to generate some sort of capability to reduce uncertainty. There is a lot of desire to throw a bunch of data into a computer and come up with an answer you know will be right, even if you can’t understand how the computer came up with the relationships.

Business development and discovery of new clients is the relational aspect of having conversations with people and figuring out their needs. What I might do to help them does not seem to be able to be replaced by a computer or robot.

I get 5-10 connection requests a week from people saying that they can generate hundreds of leads, but how many people can I actually have a relationship with to see if I am the right person to help them with their problem, or maybe I can connect them with someone else? A real-life conversation can work wonders for people, unlike letting the machines do all the work.  

To me, the real-time effort is in relationship building, not constantly getting new contacts.  How do you prioritize 500 new leads a week?  Can AI really qualify them?  How many clients can you serve a week, as well as figuring out if you might be able to serve the new ones?  Please let me know when AI can get that part done, not just send cheesy messages like:  “I was looking at <Insert Category> professionals, and your name came up, let’s connect!”

Is Human Interaction Essential in Business?

The simple answer is YES! When you take an inanimate object and try to make it act like a human, it might look or sound like it, but the AI program lacks the essential cognitive activity that influences and creates what is known as human interaction.

But when you’re communicating with anyone, you want to offer the person you’re speaking with two things: active listening (listening to understand instead of listening to respond) while working to see and understand their point of view.

Since the beginning of time, people have built relationships from personal interactions with one another. Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to generate new leads, but it will not provide the same benefits.

Get Professional Help

You don’t necessarily need AI for your business to build a relationship. Rather than trying to replicate something that doesn’t provide the same personal touch, try spending more time talking directly with your leads, building a foundation, and when they become a client, you can start work right away.

If you’re interested in incorporating more human interaction into your company, I am here for you. Activate your passion, and optimize your performance with Tackship Consulting today. To learn more, schedule your free consultation.