TackShip Facilitates Complex Conversations that Enhance your Culture

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

DEI is a hot topic across a lot of America right now, and the value of diversity for your organization can be a great asset. Gaining perspectives from your employees and stakeholders provides insights into customers, relational aspects of work, and helps people understand each other. TackShip facilitates discussions, provides training on “How to have Difficult Conversations”, ensures that employee values are aligned with your corporate values, and helps think through how your culture can become stronger for everyone. Start the DEI Conversation for your company, click the link below!

Rules of Engagement for Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations can be employee to employee, leader to subordinate, subordinate to leader. Having an open and trusting environment allows people to express themselves while also encouraging them to join the team. Ensuring your culture allows people to express themselves, and that others will listen to understand their point of view, is a critical enabler to a successful culture.

Hiring, Firing, Discipline

As a leader, you value your people. As they learn, they make mistakes and they create problems. Hopefully, they solve problems and keep the company moving forward. When should I fire someone? When does style and approach matter? Where do I find people who I can trust? Ensuring your people are aligned with your culture improves the performance your organization.