TackShip’s Founder

TackShip was founded by Dean Wakeham with the purpose of providing Executive Coaching and Consultation services. Dean uses his 30 years of training and experience in leadership, management, military, and career transition to provide perspective and help executives to “activate their passion and optimize their performance.” This includes 25 years working in the defense industry including 14 years as an active duty and reservist US Navy Surface Warfare and Meteorology and Oceanography officer, and 20 years working in defense R&D and capability development. Dean also helps BlueTech (water and marine technology) companies based on his experience with oceanography, weather, and technology development. He has a BS in Oceanography from the US Naval Academy, an MS in Applied (Ocean) Physics from the Johns Hopkins University, and MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. His certificate in Executive Coaching and Consultation is from the Townsend Institute at Concordia University. Dean is active in his community volunteering and supporting organizations for youth sports, veterans, and the elderly.