TackShip Consultants Facilitate the Removal of the Barriers to Growth

TackShip can help your company to grow, develop, and mature, using education, training, and experience to get you to your next level. Below are a few issues that we can help you with.

Technical managers into technical leaders

“We have this technical genius we promoted into a management role.  He is proud, intelligent, independent, not used to failure.  He is now responsible for building, training, and managing a team to deliver a technical capability. While he has been a part of a team, he has not led a team.”

TackShip Coaching

We develop technical managers into Leaders. Working with a TackShip Coach prepares leaders new responsibility. These leaders improve their employee and customer engagements and keep their organizations poised for organic growth!

Better Leaders = Better Outcomes

Great idea, Great Business

“I developed this new technology that will change the world.  I want to start a business to sell it.  I have never started a business, and I want to make sure it will succeed.  I don’t know what I don’t know.”

“My company is growing.  We need to scale-up.”

Trusted Business Advisors

TackShip helps define your business operating system. We work with you to ensure your culture is sustainable, relatable, and compelling. We ensure you have the right People, Processes, and Tools to grow your business, such as leadership development and executive coaching for your team.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Career Transitions

“I have been in the military for my entire adult life.  I am looking for a second career.  I could use any advice in navigating the civilian world.”

“I want to identify ways to give back to my community…to define my legacy”

Transition Assistance

TackShip helps to Identify Passions, Optimize your performance, and make sense of new cultures. We help you figure out where you fit so you can thrive!

Define your best and live it!