Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast, but Culture and Strategy Deliberately Aligned and Executed will Achieve Growth…

Grow and diversify your business with a deliberate strategy, facilitated by TackShip. Align your Culture, Strategy, and Execution

TackShip provides services to help you define and articulate where you are going, the right people, and the right tools, habits, and behaviors for you to get there. 

TackShip is a Strategic Partner with

Blendification is a software platform that includes the corporate Strategy Whiteboard to help companies analyze the “why” behind the decisions that are made, define specific outcomes which will set the direction for success, and form the steps needed to achieve desired outcomes. In addition, each member of the team is provided access to a confidential Personal Whiteboard which helps individuals to define their motivation, monitor their commitments, and track their routines to develop new habits. Together these provide alignment of culture and strategy, personal development, and the framework to achieve corporate outcomes.